In case you were wondering

No, We will give you basic waterway information, instruction and safety information.

Hydrobikes are not hard to ride. Safe and easy for all ages. Hydrobikes average cruise speed is around 8 km/h but can travel up to 16 km/h. It takes about as much effort as walking. Depending on your needs, the hydrobike can provide a nice easy cruise or a calorie burning workout.

Hydrobikes are very stable. They will not tip with riders jumping up and down on side decks. Riders can jump off and climb back on board without tipping. They are designed to safely carry 135kg of rider and cargo and passengers.

Safety is our first priority. Pedalmore hydrobikes cannot handle persons weighing more than 125kg’s. The bike can carry an additional passenger on the platform with a total weight of 200kg. All participants must wear life vests. Riders must be 142cm or taller. Individuals of any age can ride as long as they can safely operate the Hydrobike. Individuals who appear intoxicated or impaired will not be allowed to ride and will forfeit the paid price.

Yes, from its stability to its high visibility on the water the hydrobike is engineered for a safe and reliable ride for all ages with no skill or ability required.

As previously stated, safety is our first priority. Waivers are required to ensure safe operation of the hydrobikes. Just as there are risks associated with riding a regular bike, there are also risks associated with riding hydrobikes.

No. If you are bringing someone else’s child with you, please ask their parent or legal guardian to go to our website and sign the electronic waiver for before the date of participation.

Riding the hydrobikes does not require getting wet. Most riders do not get wet, except maybe for feet getting splashed. The hydrobike is stable enough to jump off and climb back on, so you CAN get wet if you WANT TO! Do not swim beneath the hydrobike. Each hydrobike has a built-in storage compartment to store extra clothes, towels, food and each feature two cup holders

Wear comfortable and weather appropriate clothing. Layers are recommended as Tassie weather is famously unpredictable. Four seasons in one day they say! Shoes are optional. There is plenty of room in the console to store extra clothing. We do not recommend flowing or loose pants or skirts as they could get tangled in the bike chain. Waterproof sunscreen is also recommended. We have some on-hand if you forget so please ask!

Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, weather appropriate clothing,  snacks, drinks, towel and change of clothes, medications, and your own personal flotation device if you prefer to use your own.

Yes! Our hydrobikes offer great photo opportunities, but use them at your own risk. We suggest using wrist straps just in case!

Yes, we are dog friendly and you are welcome to bring your dogs on our Hydrobikes.

Yes. hydrobikes provide a gently, low impact aerobic total body workout; but it all depends on how fast you pedal!

According to Frank Katch, professor of exercise science at the University of Massachusetts and Victor Katchwater , professor of movement science at the University of Michigan, “moderate water cycling (about 60% maximum) burned an average of 546 calories per hour”. The caloric burn is 8% greater than outdoor bicycling at a speed of 16-19 km per hour. So bring your Fitbit and test it out!

Call or email using the contact information on our website. Printing and signing the waiver forms will expedite the process and get you on the bike faster.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked time. That gives you time to check in, confirm waiver completed and attend the instruction and safety briefing.

Yes, we do accept walk ups, but cannot guarantee availability or space.

Pedalmore reserves the right to cancel bookings due to cold, rain, strong wind, weather and/or flood warnings. In these instances, full refunds will be provided. No refunds will be given if you return the hydrobike before the hire rate period has ended. Please check the 7 day weather forecast for the area (New Norfolk or Sandy Bay) by clicking on the following link –Bureau of Meteorology- for the likely weather conditions for your preferred day of booking

Yes, just talk with us and we will arrange it for you.

Yes, but we carry limited change so please bring correct amount.

We accept credit cards.

We love groups! Just call, email or discuss in person and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Yes you can. You can also purchase gift certificates. Please contact us via phone, email or in person and we can provide you with more details.

Yes you can! Just contact us to set something up.