Our Mission

Our mission is to see healthy and connected communities by providing a fun, affordable, and healthy water-based activity for families and individuals of all ages and varied abilities.

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Pedal-power playtime

Hydrobikes are a pedal powered water bike. Non-polluting, easy to ride, lightweight and stable and enjoyed by everyone from 8 to 90! 

Eco friendly, hydrobikes provide a fun and active experience where customers can engage in a range of activities from fishing to photography while enjoying the peaceful serenity of our natural environment. 

You can jump and swim and easily climb back on board.

Licenses and accreditations

Pedalmore will voluntarily abide by recommendations of the Australian Adventure Activities Standards (AAAS) promoting good practice framework for safe and responsible planning and delivery of outdoor adventure activities.

Ensuring you have fun is our mission but your safety is our #1 focus while you are out on the water.